Jobs in Portugal: which sectors are recruiting ?

June 11, 2024

Portugal has experienced significant economic growth in recent years, leading to an increase in demand for jobs in various sectors. Whether you're a Portuguese national or a foreigner looking for professional opportunities, it's important to know which areas are currently recruiting the most.

Information and communication technologies (ICT)

The ICT sector is booming in Portugal, particularly in Lisbon, which is positioning itself as a major hub for start-ups in Europe. Companies are actively seeking qualified profiles in the following areas. For important information about moving to Portugal, click on the link

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IT development

Inequality between supply and demand for front-end, back-end and full-stack developers, particularly those with skills in Java, Python and JavaScript.


Faced with growing threats, businesses need cybersecurity experts to protect their systems and data.

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Data science and analysis

Data exploitation has become essential for many businesses. Data scientists and analysts are therefore in great demand.

Tourism and the hotel industry

Portugal is a major tourist destination, which translates into a constant need for workers in the hotel and tourism sector. The following profiles are particularly in demand.

  • reception staff: language skills (English, French, Spanish, etc.) are often required;
  • tour guides: an excellent knowledge of the region and Portuguese culture is a definite advantage;
  • waiters and catering staff: experience in the field and a sense of customer service are appreciated...


Engineering is another buoyant field in Portugal, with opportunities in various sectors such as :

  • iT engineering: designing, developing and testing software systems.
  • mechanical engineering: designing, analysing and testing machines and mechanical systems.
  • electrical engineering: designing, installing and maintaining electrical systems.

Fluency in Portuguese is a definite advantage when looking for a job in Portugal, but many companies are also looking for multilingual candidates. English, French and Spanish are the languages most in demand.


The job market in Portugal is dynamic and offers many opportunities in various sectors. By finding out what profiles are in demand and developing the right skills, you can increase your chances of finding a job in Portugal and fulfilling your professional potential.